going out of my comfort zone

Today I had to do something super hard for me. My boss invited everyone on our team to a strange address with team building in the subject line. The first thing I did was Google the address and then the panic set in.


These types of social activities make me panic inside. They are so hard for me because my brain cannot stop thinking about all of the potential ways things can go badly. I am proud to report that I survived… 1 hr and 38 mins. And our team did not not “die” in the room.

But I have already booked my second massage for Friday. Backing up… last Friday I had my first massage since before children. I think Rahul gifted me that first massage in our early days of dating, but the therapist spent the entire time talking about how tense I was… which only made me MORE tense. My second chance at massage therapy was a hit. So I will add this into my self-care routine.

Taking care of yourself is so important…. as is knowing your triggers.


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