life with a teen

So Aidan had a Dr check up last week and guess what? He is officially my height. I have tried to hide this for a few months by wearing 2 inch heels when around him. But when the nurse said he was 5’2” I literally gasped. My baby…. how is that possible?

Also these days when we stare at each other eye to eye, I have also noticed significant facial hair. The kid needs to shave, even his nurse and pediatrician commented on it.

Rahul and I both grew up in the 1980s. Parents didn’t talk about changing bodies back then. I remember distinctly getting a copy of Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret on my bed with a stickie note saying come to a parent with questions… which clearly meant DO NOT come to them with questions. Read the book and learn what you need to know.


Rahul remembers buying a razor around Aidan’s age, but that is it. He learned solo. As were the parenting strategies back in the olden days.

But this needs to happen soon at our house.


But in 2017, we talk and process everything. I LOVE that Aidan still comes to me to talk about things. So this is our next chat. How to shave.

Gulp. Wish me luck.


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