summer planning from one proud mom

So our kiddos are aging out of traditional camps. They will be 12 and 13 this summer, so its time to start thinking about different ways to keep their brains working over the summer months. Here is an update on what they will both be working on… very different, but both make me one proud mom.

Aidan wants to build a computer….from scratch.


He has been doing research and thinks he can do it. My only job is to get all the parts, which he has conveniently bookmarked on my Mac Book.

Samantha has requested to get tutoring in pre-algebra so she can go on to Jacob’s Math next school year. Back story: she got really behind in math in 3rd grade. We did pricey Sylvan Learning Center tutoring to get her caught up, but there were still some pockets of deficits showing up last year. She was right on the edge in terms of taking Math 6 or going to pre-algebra this school year. We decided to stick with Math 6 so she would have a strong foundation before heading to pre-algebra. Samantha decided halfway through the school year that she did not agree with this decision because Math 6 was too easy. So, she emailed her math teacher and the math dept chair and asked to move from Math 6 to Jacob’s Math. I asked that she make the request because 1) it was her idea and 2) I did not want to come across as one of “those parents” who thinks my kid is smarter than everyone else.

She was given some work to do to see if she was interested and ready for this big jump, and it seems like she is. Her math teacher has told her this will be hard work, but Samantha is up for the challenge.

Now, if you are like me you are wondering what in the heck is Jacob’s math?  Here is a blurb from…

For instructors of liberal arts mathematics classes who focus on problem-solving, Harold Jacobs’s remarkable textbook has long been the answer, helping teachers connect with of math-anxious students. Drawing on over thirty years of classroom experience, Jacobs shows students how to make observations, discover relationships, and solve problems in the context of ordinary experience.

So, computer creation and pre-algebra. I am sure the kiddos will do some camps as well. Samantha is interested in volleyball and basketball, and we are trying to get Aidan to be a Counselor In Training (CIT) at the FARM and he will continue in his band… so good stuff all around.

Summer…we are ready for you!


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