life with a tween girl

Samantha and I had a rough week. She has gotten into a bad habit of scheduling social activities without asking or coordinating with a grown up. It came to a head on Monday when she called me during soccer practice to *tell* me she was going to get dinner with Julia, go to the screening of Screenagers at school, then get a ride home with Regan. The problem? Well, there were actually many. I was working in Sanford and had already coordinated a ride home for her, which I will have to repay the favor once my spring programming is done. Oh and obligating 2 other families to make this happen. I said no and was met with serious resistance. I stayed calm and said that she has to *ask* before plans are made.

Fast forward to this weekend. It happened AGAIN. She coordinated a double sleepover without asking about the second one. Oh, and offered our house for the second one…. with Rahul on call. So we had to set some serious boundaries –

  1. No double sleepovers at other people’s houses. She should spend some time at our home with family each weekend.
  2. I have to know when plans are being made and approve of how she will get to said social engagement and how she will get home before approving.
  3. She needs to learn to think about other people in the family when making plans.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love that she wants to hang out with her friends, but this socializing has just gotten a bit of of control. Time to regain control.

In other tween girl news… here is her bedroom door these days. Inviting, huh?


And the slime…..


Tween girls, not just mine, spend hours and hours….and LOTS of parental money making this stuff. Some schools have actually banned slime.  Want to learn more about slime and why it is so popular among middle school girls? Click here.

As much as I dislike slime, I have heard that slime is replaced by an interest in boys… so I will take slime and all of its mess for as long as I can.

Never a dull moment in the parenting world. The toughest job you will ever love. Be honest and keep talking… that is our motto.



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