life with a teenage boy

An update on my sweet Aidan. He has been struggling with cystic acne for the past 6mos. We did 4 mos of oral and topical antibiotics with no success. And I know firsthand what teenage acne can do to your face long term. I still have scars from my cystic acne and have done LOTS to get rid of those scars over the years. So when the dermatologist recommended 6mos of Accutane, I knew it was coming. Rahul got a second opinion from a dermatologist friend who agreed it was time. This medicine can be safe if used appropriately, and like Rahul’s friend said it can change the life of a teenager. You see Accutane is 99% effective at getting rid of cystic acne.

Part of Accutane treatment is monthly blood work. We had baseline blood work done at his visit last week. I was a bit surprised when I got a call today that his overall cholesterol is slightly elevated. I immediately went to my friend Google to get the latest and found this article on Web MD making the argument that teens need their own standards. But that does not mean Aidan could not be making better choices with his food.

I talked to him tonight and he was surprisingly on board with some changes that we will be making –

  1. oatmeal is good to reduce cholesterol but he does not like the texture, so we agreed on granola bars. And not the super sugary kind.
  2. Apple slices are easier than whole apples so they will be added to the AM routine.
  3. nuts – he likes slightly salted almonds.
  4. Orange juice with whey protein added.
  5. tea in the afternoon vs Vanilla Bean Frappuchino
  6. spinach with dinner
  7. soy milk vs regular reduced fat milk
  8. 30 mins of fast walking on the treadmill 3 times a week

Part of me is grateful for acne. It is a concrete reason to get the teenager to make better choices. Objective, not just me being a nag.

Wish us luck on the journey to get rid of cystic acne. After the 6mos of treatment is over, we will begin the long process of getting rid of the scars.



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