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Samantha’s special day

It is hard to believe our sweet and smart Samantha is 12 years old today. She had an EPIC double party with her best friend Julia (whose birthday just happens to be in mid April). Check out all the fun…

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Is it Friday yet?

Not a good start to the week here at the Shimpi household. Monday started with Aidan’s best friend announcing that he was not allowed to drive with Aidan in the car with him because Aidan was deemed too immature. Keep in mind both boys are 13, so not sure why this conversation even needed to happen. But there were serious hurt feelings, and it helped piece together why this friend no longer comes to our house for hangouts and sleepovers.

My heart broke for Aidan as he tried to process this news. He is a good kid with a kind heart and not a mean bone in his body. Is he impulsive and easily distracted… yes. But we have been working on this since he was a toddler. When he was young, we structured his activities to keep him safe (and us sane).

We gave him the gift of an extra year in preschool, which is not uncommon for boys with late August birthdays, and armed him with all the supports we could give (speech and occupational therapy).

I remember a check up at the start of 5th grade. His pediatrician had reviewed his file and was so proud of where Aidan was based on where he started out. I think sometimes we all forget that Aidan was born into very unfortunate circumstances. His birth mother had no prenatal care, he was most likely born in a rural village in India, and had no real food or nutrients for the first 6 mos of his life. Given this start to life, he is a rock star in my book.

I hate that he is being judged only on his weaknesses, and not the full person that he is. As his mom, I will ALWAYS be his advocate. I also know that as he matures, he will find like minded friends and parents who “get him” and accept him for who he is – an amazing kid with a visual brain that can do things mine will never do.

So if you read our blog and believe in a higher power, thank that higher power for bringing Aidan into our family. We are grateful and love him more than life itself.




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the feet update

The annual Colorectal Cancer 5K was a few weeks ago. I had to pass this year and it really bothered me. I am not *that* old and I am in good shape, so I should be able to just run 3 miles if I want. This prompted me to make an appt with a foot doctor. The appt was this week.

The waiting room freaked me out. Here are my rapid fire texts to Rahul.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 8.05.57 PM

The news was not good. My right foot has severe arthritis and my toe mobility is 5% when most people have 50-60%. Check out my X-ray. Big toe is pretty much bone on bone… no cartilage left.


So, the only option to fix the issue is to fuse the 2 bones with a metal plate and screw. This would be a REAL surgery… 6-8 weeks of no walking/driving. And…. there is no guarantee that this will fix the problem. So… NO THANKS.

I am interested in more conservative approaches. I am getting fitted with custom shoe inserts, and I have a brand of shoes to try for long walks and the occasional runs.

Not the news I wanted, but at least I know. And I can do an occasional run with conservative help, so life is all good.



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NCAA champs!

Samantha and I cheered from the green sand beach in Hawaii, and unlike last year, we WON!

Check out my way of cheering….


We were literally streaming live video from our phones from the back of a pick up truck getting an escort back from the beach with less than 10 mins to play.

Rahul actually got the final score on his phone. When he threw his phone on the dashboard, I knew we had won!

UNC – the University of National Champions!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 2.41.59 AM

So, this just means we have to be in Hawaii every time UNC is in the Final Four. I am game with that plan.


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Our condo was across the street from Kahaluu beach (AKA the snorkeling beach). This was our view each morning.


Just breathtaking.

We got up every morning to snorkle. Rahul was like a big kid with his Go Pro. One day Aidan swears he was hiding from us because he wanted to use the Go Pro but we could never find daddy in the water.

Rahul has amazing video that I am hoping to get posted here soon.

We saw so many cool fish that we had to name/describe then consult Google to correctly ID. Here are a few of my iPhone pics.


And here we are saying goodbye to Hawaii. It was a memorable trip for sure.



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The Falls

Thursday we checked out the beautiful water falls before heading back to the Kona side of the island. First up, Rainbow Falls.


If you look hard, you can see the rainbow at the bottom of the water. It is clearer in person, but you can only see the rainbow in the morning. The kids and I had fun climbing up the rocks at Rainbow Falls. Rahul hung back and took pics. Those rocks plus cameras and Go Pro would not be a good mix.

Next, Akaka Falls.


The O’opu climb up the sides of this fall… 442 feet. Pretty incredible. huh?




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Kilauea Volcano

On Wednesday, we hit the road for the other side of the island to see the Kilauea volcano. We rented a little cottage near volcano village and had the best Thai food I have ever eaten for dinner… from a food truck. If you are ever in Hawaii, be sure to find Tuk Tuk.

We were all a bit confused when we first saw the volcano. It looked more like a crater than a volcano. I reminded the kids that Hawaii was formed from volcanoes and what Kilauea looked like in the 1980s… you know, the cone shaped volcanoes.

This is what Kilauea looks like in 2017 during the day.


Check out the steam vents. They are HOT…. ask Samantha.


And here is the volcano at sunset. I took a series of pics as it got darker. Just beautiful.

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