Waipi’o Valley hike

Today we headed to Waipi’o Valley to hike to the beach. Seems easy, huh? Well, here is where we started.


Going down was pretty easy. The steep grade made it a bit hard on the knees for the older family members. We saw the waterfall and the beach.


The locals were not that friendly.


They do not have power, water, sewage, phones or cell coverage. They rely on solar power and generators and DO NOT like tourists. But the roads, falls and beach are govt owned which means they cannot prevent others from also enjoying the views.

Then the hike back up. It was almost a vertical hike. The folks we saw coming up were seriously out of breath saying it took 45-60 mins to hike back up. Of course this meant we were up for the challenge.


Well, maybe most of us. It was super humid and rainy, but I am proud to report that Aidan (AKA the family billy goat) made it up in 20 mins. Rahul – 22 mins. Samantha and I 27 mins.

Fun fact? On a bet, Lance Armstrong biked up this steep grade in a little over 9 mins. Even with performance enhancing drugs, no way I could do that.

Dinner at Kona Brewing Company. It did not disappoint.


And, I will close this day’s fun events with a source of comedic relief. Poor Siri with our directions just does not know how to pronounce this road… which we always have to use to get home.


Bonus points for any reader that can correctly pronounce the name of this road. Samantha can with a lot practice.

Oh, second morning of snorkeling in the books. Rahul got lots of photos and videos. Cannot wait to download and post. Whew…. this is a vacation that I might need a vacation from after…. but so much fun!


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