the feet update

The annual Colorectal Cancer 5K was a few weeks ago. I had to pass this year and it really bothered me. I am not *that* old and I am in good shape, so I should be able to just run 3 miles if I want. This prompted me to make an appt with a foot doctor. The appt was this week.

The waiting room freaked me out. Here are my rapid fire texts to Rahul.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 8.05.57 PM

The news was not good. My right foot has severe arthritis and my toe mobility is 5% when most people have 50-60%. Check out my X-ray. Big toe is pretty much bone on bone… no cartilage left.


So, the only option to fix the issue is to fuse the 2 bones with a metal plate and screw. This would be a REAL surgery… 6-8 weeks of no walking/driving. And…. there is no guarantee that this will fix the problem. So… NO THANKS.

I am interested in more conservative approaches. I am getting fitted with custom shoe inserts, and I have a brand of shoes to try for long walks and the occasional runs.

Not the news I wanted, but at least I know. And I can do an occasional run with conservative help, so life is all good.



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