Is it Friday yet?

Not a good start to the week here at the Shimpi household. Monday started with Aidan’s best friend announcing that he was not allowed to drive with Aidan in the car with him because Aidan was deemed too immature. Keep in mind both boys are 13, so not sure why this conversation even needed to happen. But there were serious hurt feelings, and it helped piece together why this friend no longer comes to our house for hangouts and sleepovers.

My heart broke for Aidan as he tried to process this news. He is a good kid with a kind heart and not a mean bone in his body. Is he impulsive and easily distracted… yes. But we have been working on this since he was a toddler. When he was young, we structured his activities to keep him safe (and us sane).

We gave him the gift of an extra year in preschool, which is not uncommon for boys with late August birthdays, and armed him with all the supports we could give (speech and occupational therapy).

I remember a check up at the start of 5th grade. His pediatrician had reviewed his file and was so proud of where Aidan was based on where he started out. I think sometimes we all forget that Aidan was born into very unfortunate circumstances. His birth mother had no prenatal care, he was most likely born in a rural village in India, and had no real food or nutrients for the first 6 mos of his life. Given this start to life, he is a rock star in my book.

I hate that he is being judged only on his weaknesses, and not the full person that he is. As his mom, I will ALWAYS be his advocate. I also know that as he matures, he will find like minded friends and parents who “get him” and accept him for who he is – an amazing kid with a visual brain that can do things mine will never do.

So if you read our blog and believe in a higher power, thank that higher power for bringing Aidan into our family. We are grateful and love him more than life itself.




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