Bird watching

I am working a lot of nights and weekends this month, so I decided to take a few hours off on Thursday morning to go bird watching with an old friend. Aidan was in preschool with the Upshaw twins and we have kept in touch via Facebook over the years. Andy teaches a birding class at the local community college, but I cannot justify half a day off every week. We traded a bag of nice Kona coffee from Hawaii for a morning of birding. A good deal in my book.

First up were some Osprey.


Next, a brown thrasher. We could hear him singing in the tree, but it took us forever to find him.


A Cormorant. Also known as the snake bird. He sticks his head below water for a really long time to get fish for food. It was fun to watch him disappear and then pop back up.


Brown headed cow bird.


A juvenile bald eagle.


A mature bald eagle…. look for his white head in the trees after the 4th big set of branches on the right. I think this might be the first one I have seen in real life. Such beautiful creatures. I also saw his nest. It was about 5ft wide. I seriously could have climbed in it.


And, my favorite sighting of the day…. a baby eagle peeking out of the nest to say hi.


A great, relaxing morning. And I have places around where we live to go back and visit again. Win win!


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