The things we leave behind

The Bloggess posted about a childhood memory of sitting in a giant turtle at the local library. She and her sister had both been looking for a replica of this turtle as adults (for their children, right?). This prompted a question for her readers  –

It made me wonder if everyone is like this.  If everyone has a thing they search for…something from childhood that they never got, or want to recapture.  A physical thing…like a book long out of print, or a toy a neighbor had that you always wanted, or a song that you knew but now you can’t remember, or a silk blanket that your grandmother had that you loved and that disappeared and you never found another blanket that comfortable or comforting again.

So here are some of my memories.

Disco Duck playing on a vinyl record on my light up stereo thing that was kind of like a Jukebox…..

Here is a picture. The lights pulsed with the beat of the music. Pure awesomeness.


The Belly Buster game.

Basically you strap on these inflatable bellies – one strap over your head, the other two for each arm. Then you slam into the other person. Good God this is such a 1980s game…. it sounds so stupid to write it out, but it was so much damn fun to slam into your sibling and bounce off of each other and fall down. I could not find a picture, but visualize blue straps and a pinkish/white belly with a picture of a bald headed dude on the belly. My Internet search history was quite suspect when I entered these search terms. I guess Belly Buster will have to live on only in my memory.

My Easy Bake Oven.


I was not supposed to use it in my bedroom…. but I did anyway when a friend was over for a sleepover. Come on, we were hungry. It cooked the tasty cakes right before our eyes… on my bedroom carpet. When I went to clean up, there was a perfect black circle where the oven had burnt a hole in my carpet. I tried to disguise it by offering to clean my room and kept a throw rug over the spot. Shockingly, I did get busted for my illegal cooking and I lost my Easy Bake privileges.

My Geraldine Ferraro biography.


My dad swears that UNC Chapel Hill corrupted my conservative Baptist upbringing, but if this book was on my reading list in 1985 I am thinking those liberal beliefs were deeply rooted in my brain despite living in rural North Carolina as a child.

Wow, now this was a fun blast from the past. Childhood memories that make me smile… thanks Jenny Lawson!


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