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beach fun

What a fun week at the beach. The weather was not 100% cooperative with all day, everyday at the beach but we found some other fun activities to keep us entertained.


Grilled fish for dinner… twice. Shrimp and tuna steaks, then more shrimp and salmon steaks. And fresh Farmer’s Market vegetables. So tasty!


Lots of coloring for me…. super relaxing.


On Wednesday we headed to downtown Wilmington to check out the Museum of the Bizarre and the Serpentarium. Poor Aidan was not a fan of the museum, but he found an old Rubiks Cube to distract him from the scary stuff. Such a strange collection of things. And the snakes NEVER disappoint.

We head back home tomorrow, and I am anxious to see what the vegetables look like… if our blue birds have nested again… pick up Smooch and the kitties. Speaking of Smooch, we got this picture of her from Companion Camp. Hogging the dog pool as usual!


We will only be home for a week before heading back out of town for the holiday weekend to camp at a new place for us – Hanging Rock. I do love summer!





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Father’s Day over the years

We always go to Wrightsville Beach for Father’s Day. It is Rahul’s happy place. We have been going since at least 2007, and after seeing theĀ  picture of our kiddos yesterday looking so grown up I decided to look back at the pictures of them over the years.

The first pics I could find digitally were from 2008. So, here it is. The Shimpi kiddos from 2008 to 2017. I can remember taking the 2008 picture while Rahul was grilling dinner…. just like it was yesterday.

2008200920102011201220132104a201420152016Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 5.46.20 PM

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officially a published author!

Look what came in the mail today. An advance copy of my book!


I am supposed to read over it to make sure there are no changes needed before additional copies are made.

My first thought (after checking out the ISBN number) was how thin it was…. all that work and time. But I think 10 lessons is a good amount for a teacher or counselor to commit to doing with a small group of girls.

So, this will be my first reading on the way to the beach.

Oh and I met with a colleague today to start working on book #2 – The Skills for Academic Success Program. It will be another workbook-type publication for professionals working with adolescents with ADHD.

And continuing with the writing trend… I have been invited to be on the council task force to help with the curriculum for new Girl Scout co-leaders.


So much writing, so much fun!




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Lake therapy

All of my work up until Thursday was from home, so I decided to take a road trip for some lake therapy. Aidan was already heading to Lake Gaston with a friend. Check out this sunset pic he took from his kayak.


My task was a bit harder. I had to find a place that we could book for one night… and that would allow a 120lb dog. Rahul is on consults this week, so we could not leave Smooch home solo with unknown getting home from work times.

I found a place at Lake Tillery. Samantha asked if her BFF could join us, which I of course agreed to.


The clock at the lake house pretty much sums up how life should be at the lake.


This morning Smooch joined me for coffee as I planned for a weekly conference call for work. I call this working from home… summer style.

Samantha and her buddy asked if we could rent a boat (our place was right next to the marina). I said we would ask but that we did not have a lot of time since we had to get back home for dinner and give me some time to get some more work done. The manager let us rent a pontoon boat for an hour and even gave us a 20% discount since we rented the place next door. He gave me a quick tutorial and we were off for one hour of blissful fun on the water. I have always wanted to drive a boat and today it happened.


Smooch liked the boat ride. Well, she really just enjoys doing anything with her family.


And here is Samantha getting out of the water after I told her to watch out for the alligator. Bahahaha.


Super fun memories made and my desire to live on a lake is stronger than ever!


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