Lake therapy

All of my work up until Thursday was from home, so I decided to take a road trip for some lake therapy. Aidan was already heading to Lake Gaston with a friend. Check out this sunset pic he took from his kayak.


My task was a bit harder. I had to find a place that we could book for one night… and that would allow a 120lb dog. Rahul is on consults this week, so we could not leave Smooch home solo with unknown getting home from work times.

I found a place at Lake Tillery. Samantha asked if her BFF could join us, which I of course agreed to.


The clock at the lake house pretty much sums up how life should be at the lake.


This morning Smooch joined me for coffee as I planned for a weekly conference call for work. I call this working from home… summer style.

Samantha and her buddy asked if we could rent a boat (our place was right next to the marina). I said we would ask but that we did not have a lot of time since we had to get back home for dinner and give me some time to get some more work done. The manager let us rent a pontoon boat for an hour and even gave us a 20% discount since we rented the place next door. He gave me a quick tutorial and we were off for one hour of blissful fun on the water. I have always wanted to drive a boat and today it happened.


Smooch liked the boat ride. Well, she really just enjoys doing anything with her family.


And here is Samantha getting out of the water after I told her to watch out for the alligator. Bahahaha.


Super fun memories made and my desire to live on a lake is stronger than ever!


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