my blue birds are back

My blue bird family left 3 weeks ago after Randy Rat Snake ate all of their babies. Wait, I just realized that I did not post about that. In early June, just when the babies were about to fledge, I noticed that there was no activity from the bird house. So I took down the house to check. Imagine my surprise when this is what came out of the house.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.43.57 PM

Now I know everyone has to eat, but my blue birds are special. Those who read this blog know why. But I am happy to report that my blue bird family is back and settling in their newly fortified house complete with pole and baffle. Oh, and I am sprinkling Snake Away around the perimeter of the pole…. just in case. My heart is happy when my blue birds are here.


Fingers crossed their new home keeps them safe.


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