making some changes


I am not sure what it is about the summer months, but it is the time of year when I start thinking about ways we can save money. In the past I have tried some plans that have fizzled. Click here for one of the biggest fails. I lasted a week. Shopping at Wal-Mart does save you money, but it is NOT a fun experience.

This summer I am determined to make some changes… and stick to those changes. The first step was looking at our credit card statement. I could not believe how much we spend each month at the grocery store. Yes, we have a teenage boy who eats all the time, but we are spending over $2100/mo at the Harris Teeter. That is just ridiculous and shows how lazy I am with shopping. The HT is convenient but it is also the most expensive place to shop (other than the Fresh Market or places like that).

To address my hatred of the Wal-Mart – because after a head to head comparison of Wal-Mart vs Amazon Pantry, Wal-Mart is cheaper on almost all items – I decided to shop there with wireless ear buds to block out the parents screaming at their kids or other terrible things. The first time I went, I listened to my new favorite podcast…..


I was in my own little bubble of inappropriate laughter, and it was not that bad.

I am also taking a more general savings approach this time around. Last time, I tried to calculate item by item and the savings. It was just a bit overwhelming. This time I am going to just add up grocery expenses on the credit card statements.

I have also been looking at other areas we spend money in excess. I am super guilty of spending money for exercise. I will not even post how much I spend to exercise each month. And my trainer has a new policy that you pay for sessions even if you go out of town, etc so I added up how much I would be spending for work outs that I would miss because of vacations and work commitments and decided I needed to make a change there as well.

I know what to do and need to motivate myself. HIIT workouts work for me. So I am going to try to work out at home for the summer.


So why the push to save money you ask? I want one of these views…. a lake view.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 8.21.40 PM.png

If we are smarter about how we spend money, we could have one of these views in our not so distant future. My heart is the happiest near water….so I am super motivated.

The plan – keep working full time, be smart about spending, use the extras for water views. I love this plan.




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