our first trip back

Many, many years ago on a cloudy day on our beach vacation week we headed to the NC Aquarium to see some ocean life and kill some time with 2 toddlers. We had a great time… until we were almost at the end of the Aquarium. Samantha spotted the coin making machine and asked if she could make a special Aquarium penny. I honestly had no coins, so said not this time. What happened next would make Shimpi family history.

Samantha, the calm/go with the flow/easy kid threw a fit. An epic fit. I had to carry her out kicking and screaming. Also note that at that time I was a behavior specialist for a school district. As I carried my kid out kicking and screaming, I had to walk by a family of a student on my caseload. He was acting very appropriate…unlike my kid.

As I carried her out to the car, we passed the ice cream shop. Samantha instantly stopped screaming and calmly asked for some ice cream. I laughed out loud. Hell no. You don’t throw a fit and then get an ice cream treat. As soon as I said no, the tantrum clicked back on… and is lasted the whole way back to our beach rental. 40+ minutes.

We have told our sweet Samantha that she was banned from the Aquarium after her visit that day. Last night at dinner (amazing by the way, that’s for another blog post) we laughed about that day at the Aquarium.

So we had to make a stop at that coin making machine today. And guess what? She got to make a coin. Full circle y’all.


Also important to note on this trip… Aidan, who used to run through the Aquarium at lightening speed, told me we needed to make sure we saw all the exhibits and not go through them too quickly. Really? On those early trips, all we would see was the back of Aidan’s head as we chased him.

Family memories. No, family beach memories. They are the best.




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