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week in review

The good news? Today is Sept 30th. Why is this date important? October 1st is the start of the new year in Girl Scouts, so I can shift my work efforts from recruitment and focus more on outreach programming. I LOVE outreach programming – this is what it should be all about…. girl programming for girls who would otherwise not have it. In my 3 counties, I can offer this programming to over 500 girls.


More good news? I have another lake weekend getaway planned for next weekend. This will be our view.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 8.08.21 PM

The bad news.

  1. The roosters. According to our sheriff, there is no drug or other illegal activity coming from the rooster house. For those not familiar with this story, click here for that drama. It appears our back woods neighbors are breeding and raising roosters to *sell* for cock fighting, which is not illegal. So there is nothing we can do about the constant cockadoodle doo.
  2. Samantha. She is killing me with her persistent request to see the movie It in the movie theater.


It is rated R, and our philosophy is to investigate WHY it is rated R. When I did this investigating, I said no… Rahul said no. But our strong willed Samantha persisted. She is smart and knows when I am distracted and busy and targets me then. Sigh.

3. Aidan. I had a call from his advisor about his attention seeking behavior at school. Apparently he told his friends in math class that he got drunk at a wedding. The true story was that he was accidentally given a mimosa. When the server realized what she had done, she immediately came to tell us and we took the drink away. Sigh. 14 year old boys… So we had to do what we call a “hard reset.” This good cop/bad cop strategy works for us. Aidan needs this every now and then.

4. The car. My friend Rob comes over on Friday afternoons for Kava & Kratom by the pool. When Rahul and Aidan left for guitar practice /dinner/DOOK game, we heard a loud sound from the front driveway. Rahul backed into Rob’s very fancy BMW. Both cars were fine, I have already filed a claim, and Rob was super chill about it (probably b/c of the Kava…haha).

So my life motto this week – shit happens. And here’s to an uneventful October.








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Mayo Lake

I found a new lake spot for us to check out this weekend. And since I have been super busy at work with recruitment season, I decided we all needed to get away just for one day. I called it going unplugged and getting recharged.

This lake house was perfect. A little over an hour away from home, flexible check in/check out times, very affordable, and completely off the grid. After a full day on the water, we actually all sat together with no devices and watched a movie together.

The best part of the trip? We saw THREE bald eagles flying over the water. The first one was spotted by Aidan and so it was too late for me to snap a pic. Then Rahul and I saw a pair of them this morning but they were flying towards the sunrise, so I could not get a picture.

We will definitely be back. I think I might have finally found my own little once a month lake house!

Here are some pics of our fun.



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the roosters

We have some cockadoodling going on in our back woods. It started with just one, then over the summer it got worse. It sounded like there were 2 deranged roosters cockadoodling ALL day and ALL night.

Labor Day morning I was trying to enjoy coffee in the back yard on my day off when I heard the roosters starting up for the morning. That was it, I decided to investigate. I thought I could figure out how far away they were from the neighborhood and if this was some type of neighborhood covenant violation or noise ordinance violation.

I could not believe what I discovered. Tons of roosters, all in cages on a tiny lot. This is a very humane visual of what it looked like. But imagine multiple structures like the one pictured below.


I kept looking around for the hens and asking myself why would someone keep 30+ roosters with no hens… then it clicked. Cock Fighting. This practice is illegal in the United States. I decided I needed to take action.

First step, call the Sheriff Dept. The deputy explained that rooster sounds did not count as a noise ordinance because the sound goes up and down, not constantly one level. Good God, we really do live in the country. He said he would go by the property, but he also encouraged me to call Animal Control.

I learned a lot from Animal Control, and not the kinds of things I wanted to learn. There are no rules at all about animals (number, distance from home/other properties) in Chatham Co. I had Googled Chatham Co NC rules for chickens and found a beautiful list of many rules that these guys were violating. The problem? Those rules were for Chatham Co Georgia.

I did learn that you could file nuisance report, but you need many people to file reports to make your case stronger. And that is how I found Rocky. I reached out to Samantha’s friend’s dad. They live in the neighborhood next to us. And that neighborhood backs up to the rooster property. And… Rocky is a Chatham Co Sheriff.

Rocky is super motivated to figure out what is happening in our back woods. And that is his job. How lucky are we? Rahul is especially happy about this since he was mad at me for investigating the rooster issue because he does not want us/me to be the next focus of Ozark on Netflix. I laughed at first, but then thought more about it. Crap. I don’t want to end up in a barrel of acid never to be seen again. Why this paranoia? Cock fighting goes hand and hand with drugs. I had no idea the can of worms I was opening up when I went to investigate the annoying roosters.

Fast forward to Thursday. I took my lunch break to do an hour hike in Briar Chapel at 2pm. The trails there are so fun… hilly and entertaining. When I came home, I was back to work until my phone rang 20 mins later. It was our security company, and they were calling about a “potential intruder entry.” I remained calm but explained that I had called the sheriff on the rooster people on Tuesday and gave their address. I looked for any potential entries and then was transferred to tech support. Our radio signal was from T Mobile and there have been reports from our area that there is a delay from the signal at our house to alarm company. We have a new control panel that will have a stronger Verizon signal in the mail to us.

What a coincidence, right?

More updates on what is really happening with the roosters soon. Never a dull moment on Wild Azalea Lane.






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