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our weekend – Rock & Roll and cleaning

Aidan’s band played at Cat’s Cradle. Their current name is The Mangos. They played 2 songs – Smells Like Teen Spirit and Seven Nation Army. Rahul posted a clip of Aidan’s solo in the second song on Facebook, and I am trying to get that and the full 2 songs. But for now, all I have is this pic. So happy that Aidan continues to love music.


We are moving forward with our home refinance. This is a cash out refinance. Why is this important? We can pay off our second mortgage and get cash out to put towards our converted camper lake home….woo hoo! The catch? The house has to appraise for a certain amount in order to get the cash back. So even though everyone says that appraisals only judge you based on square footage, I have done enough of them on Wild Azalea Lane to know that what your house looks like inside and out does have an impact on the final appraisal price. This meant I had to tackle the upstairs of our house this weekend. Gulp.

I started with Samantha’s room. After many trash bags and lots of time scraping crusted slime from the carpet, this is what her space looks like.


I wish this space looked like this always. I am tackling the rest of the house tomorrow. My goal is for our house to present its best self on Tuesday morning.


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Processing death

A former colleague of mine is in hospice and will not be with us much longer. I have been thinking about her and her family all week. We both served on the Chatham Co Autism Team and later implemented a social thinking program at Perry Harrison. That program led to Girls TALK, but her personal life was in such chaos that we parted ways professionally.

Last winter she got the flu and it became sepsis. She was in the hospital from Feb to Sept. She would come home, then have to go back, repeat. Her last hospital visit resulted in hospice care. No interventions would be used to keep her alive.

This news made my heart so sad for her family. She is the glue for her family and I worry what will happen to them without her.

But I also realize that what made her a great clinician was also her downfall in her personal life. Enabling is a deadly behavior. My heart breaks for her family. I hope they will be able survive without her. She is an amazing person with a flawed life.

Here she is getting ready for one of our social thinking lessons. She gave 100% to everything. I will miss her so much.


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a disappointing start to the week

So I had plans to do something SUPER out of character for me…. I was going to take a trip to NYC to see one of my favorite podcasters in a Live show. Here is a pic of one of their live shows in Europe.


I did the whole countdown on Ticketmaster and ordered my tickets right when they went on sale. Fast forward to this weekend. I was prepping for my trip, making sure the kids got to and from school when I got this email….

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 8.27.52 PM

So bummed. But, I was able to get the plane and hotel refunded. And on Monday, I got travel alerts saying the flight we were scheduled to take was canceled due to weather. So it was just not meant to be for me to hang out in the big city.

Then on Monday we got an email from the new Head of school saying that the overpriced school we send our kids to is changing the tuition model which means that families who can afford to pay will be paying more each year. Now, I am not opposed to a sliding scale fee for tuition. I think it will make the school more diverse in many ways. But I am not happy with the way it was presented. No mention that tuition for those who can pay will increase. You had to click on the link to the new tuition model and compare to this year’s tuition to learn how much more it will be next year. And NO parent input on changing the tuition model.

But we are stuck. Rahul said it best. It was a hard pill to swallow, but like Samantha’s typhoid pills for our trip to Guatemala, it had to be swallowed. Unless we move, we have no other school option. I read stories and hear stories about our public school option that make me willing to pay whatever I have to so they don’t have that experience. Plus my very different learners are BOTH excelling at this school. I guess we just have to be grateful that after the very expensive upper school experience, we have the Duke tuition benefit which most families do not have.

Today the sun came back out and Rahul did the afternoon pick up so I could hang out with my friend Rob in the back yard with some Kratom and fire pit relaxing. Life feels a bit back on track.

The take away? Things don’t always work out the way you think they will. It is ok to not be happy about it, but vent, move on and be grateful for what you have.


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Lake Royale

So I took a quick trip to Lake Royale today (thank goodness I can work from my car, my home, and pretty much any place I am…haha).

I had 4 properties I wanted to check out. My name had to be on a list in order to get into the community. A nice safety feature. There are about 15,000 homes around the 345 acre lake. They offer tennis, golf, volleyball, fishing tournaments, teen events, etc. The lake is SUPER quiet even in the camper area which is where we would be.

I immediately ruled out 2 because they were deep in a cove with shallow water. That left 2, close to the same price, but the more expensive one has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, fully furnished and even comes with an Old Town canoe! Rahul likes the idea of this one since it would allow us to invite friends to hang out with us since the couch in the living room is a sleeper sofa (we could comfortably sleep 6).

I have convinced Rahul to go look at it this weekend. Fingers crossed that my dream of lake house life might be closer to coming true! Here are some pics..

The lake –


The camper converted house.

This would be the only thing I would need to buy for this super awesome lake getaway….


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Water views

One of my favorite things to do once I finish up work activities for the night is to research lake houses. And due to a recent offer to do a cash out refinance, my dream to have this lake view might be closer to being real…

So, vote on which view you think is the best. 1,2 or 3.

100 pic110 pic21703 pic

All 3 are in a gated community at Lake Royale. You have to live there to get access to the lake, no rentals. A plus in my book. Another perk? 1 hr and 29 mins from our house. Super fun for a quick getaway.

The other option we are exploring is a small pond in our front woods. This would be water therapy at home. Here is an example of what that would look like.


More to come. Water therapy is on my mind.





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Black and white picture challenge

A black and white picture challenge has been going around on social media. 7 days, 7 pictures, no captions. The no captions part was super hard for me… haha.


Some comments… because that is what I do!

The soccer picture was at Aidan’s tournament. His love of soccer has returned once he completed his 6 mo course of Accutane. That joint pain side effect was real. It makes my heart happy to see him running up and down the soccer field with a big smile on his face.

The girl pic was Samantha and her friends pre-dance. They were hoping for no tears, drama free…. and fun. That actually happened (gasp). And Aidan started the school wide Conga Line Dance which he was super proud of.

A great week in black and white photos and our actual life.




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