Lake Royale

So I took a quick trip to Lake Royale today (thank goodness I can work from my car, my home, and pretty much any place I am…haha).

I had 4 properties I wanted to check out. My name had to be on a list in order to get into the community. A nice safety feature. There are about 15,000 homes around the 345 acre lake. They offer tennis, golf, volleyball, fishing tournaments, teen events, etc. The lake is SUPER quiet even in the camper area which is where we would be.

I immediately ruled out 2 because they were deep in a cove with shallow water. That left 2, close to the same price, but the more expensive one has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, fully furnished and even comes with an Old Town canoe! Rahul likes the idea of this one since it would allow us to invite friends to hang out with us since the couch in the living room is a sleeper sofa (we could comfortably sleep 6).

I have convinced Rahul to go look at it this weekend. Fingers crossed that my dream of lake house life might be closer to coming true! Here are some pics..

The lake –


The camper converted house.

This would be the only thing I would need to buy for this super awesome lake getaway….


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