Processing death

A former colleague of mine is in hospice and will not be with us much longer. I have been thinking about her and her family all week. We both served on the Chatham Co Autism Team and later implemented a social thinking program at Perry Harrison. That program led to Girls TALK, but her personal life was in such chaos that we parted ways professionally.

Last winter she got the flu and it became sepsis. She was in the hospital from Feb to Sept. She would come home, then have to go back, repeat. Her last hospital visit resulted in hospice care. No interventions would be used to keep her alive.

This news made my heart so sad for her family. She is the glue for her family and I worry what will happen to them without her.

But I also realize that what made her a great clinician was also her downfall in her personal life. Enabling is a deadly behavior. My heart breaks for her family. I hope they will be able survive without her. She is an amazing person with a flawed life.

Here she is getting ready for one of our social thinking lessons. She gave 100% to everything. I will miss her so much.


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