our weekend – Rock & Roll and cleaning

Aidan’s band played at Cat’s Cradle. Their current name is The Mangos. They played 2 songs – Smells Like Teen Spirit and Seven Nation Army. Rahul posted a clip of Aidan’s solo in the second song on Facebook, and I am trying to get that and the full 2 songs. But for now, all I have is this pic. So happy that Aidan continues to love music.


We are moving forward with our home refinance. This is a cash out refinance. Why is this important? We can pay off our second mortgage and get cash out to put towards our converted camper lake home….woo hoo! The catch? The house has to appraise for a certain amount in order to get the cash back. So even though everyone says that appraisals only judge you based on square footage, I have done enough of them on Wild Azalea Lane to know that what your house looks like inside and out does have an impact on the final appraisal price. This meant I had to tackle the upstairs of our house this weekend. Gulp.

I started with Samantha’s room. After many trash bags and lots of time scraping crusted slime from the carpet, this is what her space looks like.


I wish this space looked like this always. I am tackling the rest of the house tomorrow. My goal is for our house to present its best self on Tuesday morning.


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