Aidan as a leader

This was a great weekend for Aidan. He was one of the student guides at his school’s open house.


He led tours around campus and answered questions of parents interested in the school for their kids. Go Aidan.

He also hosted an out of school get together with his science project group at our house. There are about 10 teams in the 8th grade and only 2 teams will be selected to go to the NC State regional competition. Aidan’s team met today and worked on their car. I was so proud of Aidan for organizing this activity and taking such an interest in a school project. They have a solar panel and a car. Here is the latest version of the car.


Fingers crossed their group does well in the evaluations week after next.

Now, Samantha also has some updates. But since both of my kids say their friends read our family blog, and it is “embarrassing” I will refrain from sharing her updates. But I will say there have been a lot of “firsts” for her recently. And if there are middle school students reading this post…. come on, give an old lady a break. Most of what I post is super boring for tweens and teens, so leave my kiddos alone. This blog is to capture all the things that happen in our family. One day many years from now, we will look back on these posts and pictures and laugh at the memories.

Parenting in the digital age. Not easy at all. Learn as you go.


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