It is official

This happened today.


The kiddos had their Oath ceremony at USCIS. For the back story (and it is loooong), click here.

The letter said to wear “proper attire.” Samantha came downstairs in a t shirt and track pants. When I nixed her outfit, she went on and on about how I taught her to be true to herself and those clothes were her being true to herself. So in a proud parenting moment, I told her to put on appropriate clothes unless she no longer wanted to be a US citizen. The things we never think we will say to our children.

When we arrived at the office, I presented the appointment letters to the guard at the metal detector. She replied that this office did not do appointments, I needed to go to the office 2 blocks over. As I FUMED, Aidan nudged me and said “mom, I think she is joking.” Hardy har har. This is not a topic we joke about at our house.

Both kids had to sign their Certificates of Citizenship in cursive in multiple places. Neither learned that in school so this was a lengthy process.

But after lots of ceremonial activities, we left with 2 Certificates. I was told by so many that it could not be done. Challenge accepted and completed. No one tells this mom no.

My kiddos really do not understand the importance of these Certificates, and we did not either in 2004 and 2005 when they came home to our forever family. But I hope one day they look back and thank me for giving them all the options they deserve. They were considered US citizens when they stepped foot on US soil with me. Now we have additional paperwork to make sure that is actually true, regardless of the political climate in our world.


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