traditions and remembering Nana

My blue bird family is my reminder of a happy version of my mom. For those new to the blog, a blue bird family moved into a non blue bird house the week after my mom died. I have lived here since 1996, and we never had blue birds before. I know in my heart this family was my mom’s way of watching over us that painful summer while we processed her death. We have watched them every summer since, and that final fledge in August of 2015 was the catalyst for me moving forward with the healing process.

So, it came as no surprise that today, the day my mom always came to help us decorate the Christmas tree, the last family to fledge in late summer returned for a visit.


It is very common for late fledglings to stay with their parents for their first winter. So today mom, dad and 3 babies came to check out the blue bird house I mounted late in the summer. I need to get a baffle for this pole in case they decide to move into this house next spring. Or maybe we will have 2 families with us in 2018!

I am so grateful for my blue bird family. They are my reminder that my mom is still watching over us and still with me in this positive way.


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